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VEUIT - Decentralized Streaming Service Revolutionizing Entertainment

With the entertainment industry being as competitive as it is, it’s becoming harder for new talent creators to break into the scene and showcase their talent. While the digital revolution has made access to content easier, it has also curbed smaller creators, making it harder for them to monetize their content.

In fact, artists are likely only to receive a small portion of the overall revenues generated by their content, and when you account for agent fees, streaming platform fees, and marketing costs, artists are left with virtually nothing, despite having a successful show or movie on their hands. 

Centralized streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu focus on growing their ad profits rather than helping artists succeed. This misguided focus has led to a massive gap in the system, causing talented people to give up on art. 

What is VEUIT? 

VEUIT is the world’s first streaming and social media platform built entirely on Web 3.0 and blockchain. The platform offers original series, educational content, and live entertainment with the opportunity for creators and investors to actually enjoy the success of their content. 

VEUIT offers transparent blockchain-based smart contracts that eliminate any possibility of unethical accounting and provide all users on the platform with a real-time, 100% accurate ledger of every transaction. 

Why did we create VEUIT? 

Artists have lesser autonomy in the industry than people know, and we believe creators should have freedom and control over their own work. Our platform provides artists with a space to create without restrictions as well as engage with their community without barriers. 

Since VEUIT is based on the model of decentralization, it does away with the unfair business models that artists are used to, allowing artists to monetize their hard work and retain a majority of their earnings. 

VEUIT enables you creators to set up their your own branded WEB 3.0 channel and streaming network and monetize their your community through 12 diverse revenue streams. In addition, the transactions within our system occur without middlemen or central authorities, so users don’t have to deal with the high transaction fees that are typical with major streaming platforms. 

Features of VEUIT

Users of VEUIT will benefit from a huge selection host of new shows, and old favorites,  ranging in type and genre, with even more features to be added to the roster soon. 

Original Series 

VEUIT’s first slate of shows is fully developed and ready to go into production. With 9 original series and 3 global events, the platform is set to generate billion-dollar revenue streams for the products, brands, and businesses the shows promote. 

  • Mastura – created to be the Breaking Bad of the cannabis world, Mastura is a drama/crime show told from a multitude of conflicting perspectives. 
  • Gamers – a documentary-style show detailing the meteoric rise of the Michael Jordan of the e-sports world. 
  • The Count – a classic retelling of “The Count of Monte Cristo” set against the backdrop of Las Vegas, Macau, South America, and a global gaming empire.
  • Outdoor Adventure – a reality show-esque format following the adventures of _______ as he battles nature and brings viewers the very best of wild and sea life. 
  • House Game – step into the magic and glamor of Las Vegas with Callahan, the host of a weekly Poker Night that attracts some big names in Hollywood. 


VEUIT is part of the World Education Initiative that aims to provide education to children who otherwise do not have access to it. Web 3.0 is set to revolutionize teaching models, but transitioning from traditional classrooms to virtual ones can will be tricky. VEUIT’s streaming technology will enable a smoother transition and allow anyone with an internet connection and a passion for academics to log on and start learning. 

Moreover, VEUIT is offering this service to children for free! 

Personal streaming platform 

Users can now log onto VEUIT, create their own streaming channels with their personal branding, and monetize their accounts. Engaging with your audience and earning in cryptocurrency or fiat has never been easier! 

VEUIT in the entertainment industry 

The global infrastructure is well on its way to becoming decentralized, starting with finance and moving into the healthcare and government sectors. Decentralizing Hollywood and bringing it into the Web 3.0 era creates a world of new opportunities for aspiring artists. 

It also ensures a secure alternative to traditional (sometimes exploitative) contract negotiations, reliable and regular payments, and a more seamless method of working with a crew on global projects, effectively removing the usual admin work and formalities that hinder the progress of large productions. 

In this move to decentralization, VEUIT is poised aims to be an industry leader and set the standard in Web 3.0-based streaming services and content creation.