A VEUIT Original Series

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Inspired by the success of shows such as “Billions” and “Succession,” “Trillions” will tell the story of the world’s first trillionaire made by crypto currency.

Back and forth in its
time line between revealing the inside story of how blockchain technology and crypto currencies came to be and the current day-to-day developments in the rise and fall of global currencies as well as the deregulation of the stock market and banking system, “Trillions” is the next level jump in this captivating genre.


The protagonist is the CEO of a company called, which invents a sublingual delivery system for all nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds, providing the world with the ability to never have to swallow another pill again.

By creating the best new healthcare product on the planet, her company skyrockets in value causing her to become a major threat to Big Pharma.  In order to protect herself and her company, she creates a superior crypto currency called vitamincoin, which will rise above the rest as one of the only stable and reliable crypto currencies in the world.