Roll Tide

A VEUIT Original Series

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“Roll Tide” is the story of John Riley, a boy who graduates from the most prestigious high school in America, Phillips Academy, at fourteen years old, and is recruited by every major university, both in and out of the country, as the number one academic mind in the world. 

But instead of signing with an ivy league school, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, John Riley shocks the academic world and announces that he will attend the University of Alabama.  Roll Tide!

Each 10 episode season will profile one year of John Riley’s life at the University of Alabama.  From freshman orientation to graduation, from being taken under the wing of the captain of the football team to his first kiss, and from trying to survive as a boy away from home to being asked by our government to use his brilliant mind to solve some of our country’s biggest problems, “Roll Tide” will take us on a most incredible adventure of the coming of age of the next Albert Einstein, as he is discovered in the most unexpected of places.

With incredible style, great dialogue, tremendous heart, brilliant characters and the best music every made, “Roll Tide” will look to set the new standard for a genre previously defined by Cameron Crowe and John Hughes.