The World Series of Crypto

A VEUIT Exclusive Event

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The WSOC will hold 2 tournaments that SIMULATE the trading of CRYPTO currencies on a digital platform, with a digital currency (VCOIN), that has no monetary value, but that will trade in real crypto markets, in real time, on real crypto exchanges.

Executed similarly to the hugely successful World Series of Poker (currently valued at over ~$4B) WSOC contestants will compete for 5 days by using their knowledge of crypto currencies and their markets to trade their digital currency in a race to generate more VCOINS than all other contestants who compete in the tournament, win their portion of the multi-million-dollar prize pool, and be crowned the best crypto trader in the world.

To enter any WSOC tournament, all competitors must subscribe to their own WSOC channel, on the WSOC network, allowing them to register, compete, and track results with full transparency and security All tournaments will be captured on film for future televised distribution and monetization NOTE: NO REAL CRYPTO CURRENCY WILL BE TRADED IN ANY WSOC TOURNAMENT, THEREFORE NO CRYPTO MARKETS WILL BE AFFECTED AT ANY TIME AND NO WSOC TOURNAMENT WILL VIOLATE ANY LAWS OF ANY KIND