Keith Crouch

Chief Brand Officer

Keith Crouch​

Chief Brand Officer

Keith began his career in food distribution and product development at McKesson Food & Drug Company in 1988. Since then, he has directly aided in the successful growth of many well-known corporations and brands which include:  Health Valley Foods, Kraft Foods, Quaker, Nabisco, Kikkoman, Twining’s Tea, Bigelow Tea, Sweet Leaf Tea, Walker’s Shortbread, Stubb’s BBQ, Frontera Foods, Jose’ Cuervo, Cholula, Master of Mixes, Emeril’s, Rao’s, Liberty Richter, Wild Tonic, Sam Mills, Alkawonder, La Catrina Wine, DOD Beer, AC/DC Tequila, Lotus Foods, Surprise Drinks, Hooch Mixer, Merica Bourbon, Atlas Marketing, Metro Marketing, Santucci, Marsai Group, R&R Innovations, and IntelliCUP, just to name a few.

Due to these experiences, he has been able to nurture and develop many valuable contacts and professional relationships with major Grocery & Natural Retailers including, the Club Store Channel, C-Store Channel, Drug Store Channel, Dollar Store Channel, Specialty Food Distributors, Beer, Wine & Spirits Distributors, Food and Beverage Distributors, and Military channels in the US and Internationally.

Keith has also served on multiple advisory boards and has successfully owned, operated and co-founded several Food & Beverage Brokerage Companies, Consulting Firms, Food & Beverage Manufacturing Companies, Plastics Manufacturing Companies, and Software Companies. In addition, Keith has not just worked with and owned various companies, he has put up significant metrics. For example, he has been successful in raising over 50 million dollars for start-up companies and new product development.

Throughout the past 30 years, he has been utilizing his acknowledged superior sales expertise to increase sales, provide market planning and support, oversee new business development, initiate brand launches for national and private label brands, and establish multi-channel distribution in a wide range of situations.

Also, he has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, honors, and accolades, most importantly, “Broker of the Year”, numerous times. He has completed his degree in the Total Quality Management (TQM) program, along with many other training and skill enhancement programs. Keith possesses a rich and varied skill set that enables him to consistently exceed his personal and corporate objectives in revenues and profits.